How we make Mola Shoes and bags ?
Process step by step and Pictures

We make MOLA products that shine with vibrant palettes and intricate patterns, all the Molas have a unique design (not two molas have the same design). 

The textiles used on® are the traditional Kuna Mola textiles that are hand made and proudly worn by the Kuna women every single day of their lives and are even buried in them in San Blas (Panama). Antioquia and Choco (Colombia). 

Our products are hand crafted and assembled by us (Cesar, Roberto and our family)

Mola is a unique style of embroidery of ancient origin of the Kuna nation. Its origin is so important because it represents the spirit of nature of the present, the past, and of the Kuna woman. 

Molas are made by hand with reverse-applique needlework. Two or more layers of cloth are stitched together so that the design shows through openings in the layers. 

Mola incorporates an infinite variety of motifs and geometric designs inspired by the sun, the rainbow, and the stars. With its unspoken language it radiates and shines, not only in the Kuna nation's environment, but also in other ways celebrating the Kuna woman. 
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•We Provide fair wages in the local context

•Support safe, healthy, and participatory workplaces

•Ensure environmental sustainability, (using 100% recycle supplies)

•Respect and embrace cultural identity, of the Kuna families and community

•Build direct and long-term relationships

•Educate and collaborate with partners on sustainability

Every Item is a unique 
wearable  piece of   ART