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I believe in:

The Art of Craft.
The distinctive impression of the human hand.

Beautiful Design that is: 
Original, evocative, inspiring, transformative.

Ancient Roots and Modern Soul.
Preserving heritage while fostering its progress.

Exploration and Discovery.
In designs and experiences that are transporting.

In craft as a repository of personal and cultural narratives.

Rich material handed down for generations.


MOLAS4U was born in Norfolk, VA in 2011, since 2016 I moved to Long Pond, PA an unique place located in the Poconos Area in PA. Since opening in 2011, I’ve treated every customer like they were a part of my family.

 Other companies may offer similar services, but my services come with a personal touch. 

About Molas from San Blas Islands Guna (Kuna) Indians

Molas from San Blas Panama, an group of islands located between Panama and Colombia there is a beautiful spray of islands, 365 to be exact. An archipelago called San Blas Islands and the beautiful people that live on these islands are called Kuna or Cuna. 

The Molas are top quality, authentic, beautiful reverse applique or applique fabric panels, We incorporate these beautiful panels in our shoes and handbags . Many of the contemporary molas has been part of the mola blouse, when the women's do not longer wish to continue wearing that blouse, they remove the mola from the blouse carefully.